Your Gardening Success Grows Here!

Vegetables, Herbs and Berry Bushes

Serve up meals packed full of flavour, nutrition and freshness by planting your own vegetable garden this season. 

It’s easy to grow your own nutritious vegetables, herbs and berries. You don’t need a lot of space either.  A few herbs in a window box, a tomato patio planter and a small berry patch in the garden will ensure a steady supply of flavour for the summer BBQ. Turn-up the heat this summer with some super-hot peppers and other unique vegetables from our extensive selection. 

Stroll through our vegetable area and talk with our gardening staff. They’ll be happy to make suggestions, point out some unusual plants, or direct you to your favourites, broaden your family’s menu selections, and discover a few new favourites by choosing several plants you’ve never tried before.

With Rise and Shine's help, you will be sure to reap a bountiful harvest from your own garden.