Your Gardening Success Grows Here!


Take pride in your garden after planting beautiful perennials.

Perennials are plants hardy enough to nap through our winters and reappear in spring. The perennials that survive in our area are those which are assigned a rating of zones 1 – 4. Perennials have a shorter season of bloom and can be classified as spring, summer, or autumn bloomers. Some, though only a few, are continuous bloomers. With that in mind, choosing a variety of perennials with different bloom times is important. Spring, summer and autumn bloomers are available in the sun and shade sections of our perennial selection and we would love to assist you with finding the perennials that will work for you.

Sun Perennials:
Sun perennials prefer a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunshine; some fancy a wet environment
while others thrive in a dry environment. Included in this section are Campanula, Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, Lilies, Sedums, and Veronica. Come and take a walk through our perennial selection for a peek into the many options available to the gardens in our area.

Shade Perennials:
Shade perennials are less enthusiastic about sun exposure, looking for 4 hours or less of the gentle sun. The exposure for this garden would be due north, a little west and east of north, or even under a thickly foliaged large tree. Popular perennials for this type of environment are Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts, Heuchera and Hostas. Often the plants selected for this garden as chosen for the beauty of their foliage rather than their blooms. This by far doesn’t encapsulate all the choices we have for the solutions we offer for the shade garden.

Ground Cover Perennials:
Ground cover perennials are those that creep along the ground to cover large areas or spaces between rocks in a pathway. They can also assist in weed control. Some ground covers are tough enough to be stepped on and at the same time provide a delicate fragrances. Some of our favourites include Phlox, Creeping Thyme, and low growing Sedums.