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Fall Mums

What flower makes you think of fall? Mums of course!
An array of colorful flowers adorn these incredibly popular spherical plants and bloom from late summer into the fall. Mums are low maintenance, easy to grow and have superb color retention. Did you know? They are hardy up to -8! 

We have high-quality pots of fall mums, since we grow them all in-house and provide the best growing care! 

Caring for your fall mums: 
✔️Place your mums where they can receive some direct sunlight.
✔️Feel soil daily or at least every other day for moisture levels. Keeping mums properly hydrated with extend their bloom time. When the top inch of soil begins to feel dry, water.
✔️Water gently and close to the soil line with a watering can. Try to avoid wetting the foliage as much as possible, keeping the leaves and stems dry help avoid issues like powdery mildew. Do not use a high powered hose, as this can damage buds, break stems and make your mum look unsightly. It's important to water gently to avoid any damage.
✔️Removing spent blooms can encourage more bud production and will also keep your mum looking fabulous for a longer time.