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About Us

Rise and Shine Nursery is a family owned and operated greenhouse business located at 829 Main Road Goulds, Newfoundland, Canada. We’ve been around for a while, 23 years to be specific, and over that time we’ve changed and grown a lot as a family and as a business, but we’ve always remain committed to three things --- high quality plants, great customer service and fair prices. We currently have 25 greenhouses, a large tree and shrub garden and a retail store. We grow and provide annuals, vegetables and herbs, perennials, trees and shrubs, indoor houseplants, fall mums, sunflowers and poinsettias. It's all about the passion of growing and the memories we've made along the way.

Meet Mia! 
Rise and Shine's #1 greeter and mascot -- She is our sweet and lovable 10 year old golden retriever who loves spending time at the garden center getting all the belly rubs and attention from our lovely visitors!